New employee assessments

Under the Equality Act 2010, it is against the law for employers to discriminate against an employee because of reduced capability. An employer has to have made an offer of employment prior to initiating any screening for health issues which may affect capability.

Once screened, if reduced capability is identified, an employer must look at ‘reasonable adjustments’ to avoid anyone being disadvantaged in the workplace due to any health condition whether physical or mental as governed under the Act.

Reasonable adjustments will vary from role to role and differ between individuals. These may include flexibility in working hours or providing a specialist piece of equipment to help an individual to fulfil the role effectively.

An employer may or may not be able to accommodate adjustments which would determine if the offer of employment is to continue. Alternatively, despite having a recognized condition covered under the Act, adjustments may not be required.

Workfit UK Limited offers a range of new employee health assessments to enable employers to make the appropriate decision based on the most relevant information.  These include cost-effective questionnaires, telephone consultations and full face to face pre-placement medicals.

Our clinical staff assess whether any pre-existing health conditions could impact on the job or whether the job may potentially impact their health condition.  Advice on reasonable adjustments is provided, enabling the employer to make the most appropriate decision for both employer and employee.

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