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  • Exercise is good for health

    People who are physically fit manage the issues of life and work much better – if they have injuries they heal quicker, if their job is challenging they cope better. They also have a better quality of life overall.

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  • Work is good for health

    The human body is designed to move most of the time.

    Working and physically exercising are the key to staying well.

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  • Managing Stress a pedal at a time

    Taking frequent effective exercise is one of the best physical stress-reduction techniques available. Exercise not only improves your health and reduces stress caused by unfitness, it also relaxes tense muscles and helps you to sleep.

Bespoke Occupational Health Services

Established in 2002, WorkFit have built a reputation as being a flexible, cost effective provider delivering outstanding services to customers in many sectors such as Food Industry (production and retail), Local Government, Research, Utilities, Engineering, Higher Education and others.

Our OHAs, qualified to degree or diploma level, are supported by screening nurses and OH administrators. Our Consultant Occupational Physician Dr John Hobson leads our team, including our Occupational Physicians.

Best of all our fees will not change once we've agreed a scope of service. We are local, transparent and here to support you. For a fair and clear guide to Occupational Health call us on 01284 330 212

"This is a well run, friendly and professional Occupational Health Service delivering to a diverse client base."

-SEQOHS Accredited


Area We Cover

We service the East of England. What this means is that we, in most cases travel to your company premises and deliver support and occupational health training to your staff. We also hold regular clinics at our premises in Bury St Edmunds and Norwich. Please note, we do not provide medicals to individuals, only through their employers.

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Recent News

  • WorkFit joins Hobson Health Group

    WorkFit became a member of the Hobson Health Group at the beginning of 2016.  Hobson Health has over 15 years’ experience of providing high quality occupational health services to a large range...

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  • Obesity and Equality Act

    The European Court of Justice has now reached a final decision on discrimination and obesity in that discrimination based on obesity is not necessarily unlawful.  If the person meets the normal definition...

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  • Health and Work Service

    The Health & Work Service is to be set up in response to recommendations the Absence Review commissioned by the Department of Work and Pensions. The tender for this service is due...

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For Employers

  • Workplace Adjustments

    Workplace adjustments can be effective and cost-effective in promoting employment among people with physical disabilities. This has been found after analysis of a number of reviews by the Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation....

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  • Equality Act

    Occupational health advice on questions relating to disability and the Equality Act A new decision by the Court of Appeal, in relation to an employee of a local authority, has emphasised the...

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  • LGV Driver Requirements

    New visual requirements for LGV drivers were issued in March 2013 by the DVLA, but not generally advised to GPs until August. The new rule requires that the best eye has an...

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For Employees

  • Employee Safety

    Employee Rights

    Employers have legal obligations to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. As an employee, you have rights, and you have responsibilities for your own wellbeing and that of your colleagues. Find out...

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